27. Februar 2011



hi dear readers. after a long party night i slept very long :) today was bad weather, so i had time to clean up!! yet i've seen that i have a lot of rings. so i have made pictures of them.
now i have to say: OMG i'm really ring obsessed, arrg!<3

good night

24. Februar 2011

 "There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way."

20. Februar 2011

16. Februar 2011

my day*

here you can see some moments of my day..you 
know what that is  on the second picture? *smile*
 Incidentally, I have been a new layout .. a new 
header is also under construction!
so, good night readers!    xoxo

6. Februar 2011

shining sun, it's time for beautiful shoes

Today the weather was beautiful, mild climate and sunshine ..so I could finally put out my favorite shoes.(from NewLook/paris) YESSS!!! I met with my best friend in a park. Then we treated ourselves to lunch something delicious! 
how was your day?

5. Februar 2011