14. Januar 2011


Today when I came home from work, lay a small packet in my red 
letter box..I knew immediately what the in packet is!!  
"finally it's there, my new brush set."
The set consists of 12 pieces professional brushes made of natural high-qualitative, pony, goat hair and synthetic hair, and a practical case with compartments for brushes.
Each brush is also packed in a silicone protector film which is used several times!
I am so happy because I waited a long time.  
I ordered the set from ebay, and I have to say,  for a good price.
The brush I could not try it yet, but tomorrow I will try a test run *smile*


  1. Hmmm, ja :))
    Und ich will deins!! haha.

  2. ooooh! I want the brushes too! haha
    follow u too!

  3. I love makeup brushes! Some people look at me crazy when I say I need different kinds to do different stuff for my face, but you really do! Hope they work well for you.

  4. So lovely. The photo of you opening the package is beautiful. x hivennn. p.s enter my giveaway?